Thank you for your interest in Landscape Rescue

We created this division after many requests by homeowners and businesses to improve or alter their existing landscaping (fix, trim, replace, shape, and prune).

Realizing this great need to alter and improve landscaping we developed Landscape Rescue.

Our purpose is to bring back the original new look or the look that was initially intended from the start, but was never accomplished.

We improve existing landscapes with a creative eye while developing a balanced, artistic and functional landscape.

We also can just simply replace dead or unwanted bushes within a landscape

+   Landscape Rescue   +

A creative specialized service which provides the following:

  • Recapture and restore the original beauty of your landscaping

  • Correct landscape problems, overgrown or improperly planted beds

  • Redesign, repair, improve, enhance and adjust existing landscaping

  • Drainage systems and water removal

  • Lower cost renovation which includes select pruning for plant size reduction

  • Reshape or re-cut bed edges to adjust the size and/or shape

  • Replace dead or unwanted bushes or trees.

  • Properly maintain, trim and prune existing landscaping shrubs, trees and beds.

  • End of year leaf cleanup and removal (October and November Only).

For a free consultation and estimate call:

NJ (609) 890-0926    PA (215) 493-5955

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